Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As the year draws to a close we want to thank you for your support and many encouraging comments. Some of the mails we received have been profoundly touching, others immensely helpful in their constructive criticism, and either way we want to encourage you to keep sending them!

In the past few weeks we have added three more cards for the holiday season. The latest addition, "Juletide", seeks to capture some of the season's spirit in my own country, Denmark. It is inspired by one of my favorite Swedish watercolor painters, Carl Larsson. He painted his homelife in the picturesque countryside and his images very much conjure up the idyllic feeling of family, nature and of course Scandinavia. Most of the card is rendered by hand in watercolor to capture his unique style. The card is well suited for any kind of seasonal as well as secular greeting, including New Year, and features a pair of cats and a pair of mice.


The second card puts a new twist on the ballet choreographed to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite. This card also features many hand rendered watercolor elements and was difficult and time consuming to animate as the ballerina absolutely had to dance gracefully in proper ballet moves!


The third card features the story of the nativity. Because this theme is so ever popular I have placed great emphasis on execution; you really must see this card for yourself, as I have tried to give it my own artistic vision and great attention to detail.


We Wish you a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season & A Wonderful New Year!

Square greeting cards may be hip, they but costs more

If you are thinking to buy those hip square greeting cards for this holiday season, you may want to think again, according to

A rectangular envelope, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2, gets the usual 41-cent first-class stamp. But one of those trendy square 6 1/2-inch greeting cards will cost you 58 cents. If your list is long, it adds up.


So what size do the machines like?

Carl A. Walton, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, said that would be any envelope that's 11 1/2 inches long and 6 1/8 inches high -- or smaller, as long as it's not square. Anything outside of those dimensions could be considered "nonmachinable" and charged extra postage.

A surcharge is also charged for envelopes with clasps, strings, button or other closures; and letters that are rigid or enclosed in plastic material. To learn more about rates and extra services, go to /extra-services-rates.htm.

How much electricity does recycling a Christmas sleeve save?

"According to the Woodland Trust, recycling just one Christmas card saves enough electricity to allow five people to watch the [UK] Queen’s Christmas day message." in ...Turn old cards into gift tags. "Last year more than 93 million cards were collected by the Woodland Trust – enough to enable the charity to plant 22,000 trees – or a forest the size of 44 football pitches."

That is a lot of tree cut down for the cards, not to mention all other related activities (turning trees into paper cards, delivering cards to stores, buying the cards, mailing the cards, etc.). The best way to save the environment is to reduce consumption.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming around the corner. We have added a new card called "Culinary Masterpiece" for the ocassion, in addition to the existing Thanksgiving card, "Inventive Squirrels". Creating a culinary masterpiece was never this easy before – watch the cheeky ingredients collaborate for a nice surprise!

Culinary Masterpiece

Inventive Squirrels

We have also added a new card called "Origami Crane". There is a saying that if you can fold one thousand origami cranes your wish will be granted. The custom has inspired millions in their hope for peace in the world. In Japan it is also a custom for couples getting married. Send it to spread your wish for joy and peace in the world and for your loved ones!

Origami Crane

Happy Thanksgiving!

New "Peony" ecard for October 2007

We have added a new card featuring called "peony". The peony is a favorite motif in the Orient; a symbol of love and affection, beauty and good luck, a sensitive expression of life's shifting dimensions. Accompanied by a beautiful musical score, this card is sure to convey your heartfelt message.


New feature to distinguish Ojolie ecards from fake ecard scams

The article Has the E-Card Scam Storm Blown Over? describes the situation of the recent fake ecard scams.

Greeting card scams became so rampant at the start of the summer that the FBI issued a public warning about the practice.

"If you get an e-mail claiming you've received an e-card from a generic 'friend' or 'family member' rather than from someone whose name or personal e-mail address you recognize, the e-mail is fraudulent and should be immediately deleted," John Hambrick, unit chief of the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center said in a statement issued July 25. "Do not follow any of the instructions in the e-mail or click on any link."

The statement explained that fraudulent e-mails claiming to contain an electronic greeting card from an unnamed individual, such as a "friend" or "classmate," were flooding e-mail boxes everywhere.

These "phishing" e-mails, it continued, which falsely claim to be from legitimate greeting card companies, instruct consumers to click on a link in the e-mail message to view their e-card. Clicking on the link can potentially introduce a virus into a consumer's computer.

According to the article, the situation has improved.

As the summer ended, though, scammers moved on to other things, Cluley, of Sophos, maintained. "Recently, they've been offering things like links to the latest Beyonce video or links to free computer games," he said.

However, the public in general may still be suspicious of any ecard email. That is why we have added a new feature in our site to distinguish Ojolie ecard emails from fake ones.

In addition to the existing feature that includes the sender's full name in the ecard email subject, e.g. "Frederikke Tu has sent you an ecard from", we have added an optional email subject field and an optional email message field in the "send card" page. Click here to see a complete sample page.

You can add a personal email subject and message that will be included in the ecard pickup notification email sent to the recipients. It will personalize and distinguish your email from the recent fake ecard email scams and increase the chance that your ecard will be viewed by the recipients.

Instead of the typical email subject, your personal email subject will be used instead, with your personal email message included inside the email.

2 new ecards

We have added a new card a few weeks ago called 'Lily' ; it celebrates the union of two of nature's awe inspiring spectacles - the unfolding of a lily and the iridescent flight of a hummingbird. Suitable for almost any occasion or just send it for no reason in particular!


We have also just added a new card called 'Jolly Birthday' featuring Hopscotch the kitten and Spriggs the puppy (in case you're wondering he is named after English Pirate Francis Spriggs) making a well intended mess. The card has a fixed greeting of Happy Birthday in addition to the personal greeting options.

Jolly Birthday

In addition we are already working on the cards for the holidays and a few new features for the site, so there is more to look forward to.

Celebrate Independece Day with the New "Hope" ecard

We have added a new card called 'Hope' featuring the wonderful musical composition of Respighi, inspired by nature and the flight of the dove.

The message of hope and peace is one that resonates at any time in our lives and history. With the upcoming Independence Day celebration for our members in the United States, the card is also well suited for that occasion.


Celebrate Father's Day!

Celebrate all the wonderful fathers you know by sending one of our greetings on June 17th. Remember you can schedule greetings now to be sent on Father's Day or for any other occasion so you don't forget any important dates.

We have added a new card for Father's Day, featuring a polar bear that has a relaxing tumble in a field of arctic flowers. So if you know someone who deserves some rest and relaxation, and who doesn't, then this is the card!

We have also added a birthday card with children in mind, featuring Oli the baby elephant, although it sure appeal to many a grown up.

A Perfect Day

Oli's Surprise

These other cards are also well suited for Father's Day:

You're Puuurfect

Encore's Mother's Day ecard is chosen by TopPicks

Our newly released Mother's Day ecard is chosen by TopPicks for ecards.

#4 in Top 10 Favorite Mother's Day E-Card Sites
In the end, the kitten honors its mother's patience - and you can honor your mom's, too, with this lovely Mother's Day card from Ojolie.

Stay-at-home mother's work worth $138,095 a year

According to, stay-at-home mother's work worth $138,095 a year. See the article from Reuters for the full story.

I definitely think the taking care of the kids and household is a lot of work. I am doing my part to help out.

Even though every day should be Mother's Day (or Father's Day) in my opinion, May 13th is the day we choose to celebrate mothers around the world. Remember to show your appreciation to all the special women in your life who are mothers, on the day or any day. I and my kids are still looking for the gift for my wife.


Ecards for Mother's Day

Even though every day should be Mother's Day in my humble opinion, May 13th is the day we choose to celebrate mothers around the world. Remember to send an ecard to all the special women in your life who are mothers. Even if you have something special planned for your own mother, an extra ecard will be sure to delight.

We have added a new card for the occasion, featuring mother cat and her playful kitten. In addition, here are a few other suggestions for suitable cards.

Best Mom New




Warm wishes for a Happy Mother's Day!

Collector-Worthy Ecards

What is your perception of ecards? The typical ecards that I come across depict either a couple of crudely drawn cartoon characters singing and dancing frenetically or a nauseatingly sweet puppy saying something like "I wuv you". Thats why we started Ojolie ecards are truly different from average, run-of-the-mill ecards. It's a different level of computer graphics - less commercial and more fine art. We represent a new niche of ecards - one that will charm our audience with elegance, personality and creativity.

When the recipient sees the link on their email, we want them to have a sense of anticipation. We want them to have the same joy that one has when they receive a paper greeting card in the mail. This new idea in ecards transcends the ordinary to create original works of art that are translated to the computer screen for your enjoyment or that of friends and family. Our initiative here at Ojolie is to change the face of ecards and up the ante to include those who previously may have been left out of the loop because of the lack of sophisticated, stylish ecards on the web. Our hope is that the door will be opened for a whole new throng of ecard enthusiasts. So welcome to Ojolie!

How To Protect Yourself Against Bad Ecards

From Greeting Card Scams Foist Trojans of,

Be extra suspicious if (a) the greeting card doesn't address you by name; (b) the card sender's name isn't included in the body of the email or the name isn't familiar; and (c) it's not a holiday, a birthday, or any other occasion that might warrant a card. If the card requires that you install a special viewer or tries to download a file to your system, treat it like a trojan. Cancel the download and scan your system with up to date antivirus software.

Be extra vigilant. If you receive a card from someone you know but you aren't quite sure it's legit, compose a new email to that person and ask if they sent you a card. Don't reply using the email you received - the From address just might be bogus.

In addition, you should always install anti-virus and/or anti-spyware softwares. When you are brought to the "bad" websites that try to install malwares/spywares to your computer, the security softwares will stop them.

Here are the FREE anti-virus and anti-spyware that I am running on my system.
The main thing that is different from the paid version is that when you schedule a periodic scan of your system, the software scans your whole computer. You are not able to specify the drives or directories that you want to include or exclude. But for most people this is not really a problem.
The main thing that is different from the paid version is that when there is a new update, the application will stop; the icon in the system tray will grey out. You just need to manually click the update button, and the application will continue working.
You can have all of them installed in your system to maximum security. I don't have any conflict between them so far.
While traditional security companies had gotten relatively good at addressing technical threats like viruses, they were failing to prevent a new breed of "social engineering" tricks like spyware infections, identity theft scams, and sites which send excessive e-mail. To address this challenge, we built a system of automated testers which continually patrol the Web to browse sites, download files, and enter information on sign-up forms. We document all these results and supplement them with feedback from our users, comments from Web site owners, and analysis from our own employees. The software for Internet Explorer and Firefox summarizes website safety results into intuitive red, yellow and green ratings to help Web users stay safe as they search, browse and transact online.
The NoScript Firefox extension provides extra protection for Firefox, Flock, Seamonkey and others mozilla-based browsers: this free, open source add-on allows JavaScript and Java execution only for trusted domains of your choice (e.g. your home-banking web site). NoScript's unique whitelist based pre-emptive script blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even not known yet!) with no loss of functionality...
You can enable JavaScript/Java execution for sites you trust with a simple left-click on the NoScript status bar icon, or using the contextual menu, for easier operation in popup statusbar-less windows.
Let me know your free security setup!

Ready for B2B ecards?

There are not many business to business ecard sites out there. is a new comer. It offers ecards for many occasions. The ecards are picture only, not animated. The monthly subscription of the service costs $29.00.

Jeanne Caligiuri has launched a new Business Greeting Cards Company,, to assist in professional communications in business to business or personal use. provides online greeting cards (e-cards and e-notes) for various events and announcements to clients, potential clients, employees, teachers, dentists as well as for personal use.

Is there a market for a B2B ecard site? Are there other B2B ecard sites out there already? What do you think?

Paper cards vs ecards

According to An e-card for Valentine's Day? Honestly, you shouldn't have, ecards and paper cards are not the same.

Cedric Chin-Yick won't soon forget the year he sent his wife an e-card for her
birthday. She made her disapproval quite clear.

“She prefers the hard copy. It's substantial. It's a material thing,” Mr. Chin-Yick, 44, said Tuesday as he fought the crowds shopping for Valentine's Day at a Carlton Cards store in downtown Toronto. But he noted that he'll back up the paper card with an electronic one.

Despite dire predictions a decade ago that e-cards would lead to the demise of the traditional card business, the two have found a happy co-existence. While Valentine's Day is the busiest day of the year for electronic cards, many shoppers wouldn't think of sending their sweetheart an online greeting.

“It certainly has not ended the card business,” said Sally Babcock, general manager of, whose parent company also operates Carlton Cards stores. “What we see is that people send e-cards to different people than they're sending paper cards to. They also supplement their card-sending with an e-card.”

However, there are many reasons to use ecards.

  • Artistic, animated ecards can express your sentiments that may be difficult to do through words only. Sometimes a picture, a video or an animation is worth more than a thousand words.

    "Of the many, many ways to express loving feelings, the Japanese red crowned cranes' dance and the graceful movements of trumpeter swans are among the most beautiful." -"

  • Ecards are environment friendly.

  • For the friends, coworkers, and business contacts that you don't generally send paper cards, you can send ecards to keep in touch.

  • In the countries where the post mail is not reliable, the ecards get there on time.

  • You can save time and money on the paper cards and postage. No more trips to the store to pick out cards and waiting in line at the post office.
  • Do your part to save the environment

    Do your part to save the environment. Send ecards whenever you can. Here is why...

    Businesses urged to save environment with Christmas e-cards
    "With a staggering 744 million Christmas cards delivered by the UK Royal Mail last year, Envirowise is calling on UK businesses to help cut the national Christmas card `mountain' by sending their seasons greetings electronically. Recent statistics show that one billion Christmas cards, weighing 20,000 tonnes, will end up as waste this Christmas."'s Easter ecard is chosen by TopPicks for ecards

    Our newly released Easter ecard is chosen by TopPicks.

    #2 in Top 10 Favorite Easter E-Card Sites
    Easter Bunny delivers! Mother duck gets a well-decorated surprise, and you can send a lovely Easter greeting card.

    2 new ecards released for Easter and Spring

    2 new ecards have just been released for the Easter and Spring season.

    "Easter Delivery" is an Easter card where the Easter bunny brings a very special surprise to mother duck.

    "Origami" can be used for many occasions and is inspired by spring and the Japanese art of Origami.

    Ecards for Abortion

    Exhale, a nonprofit group that counsels women who've had abortions, offers ecards on its web site,

    Do you know someone who’s had an abortion? Are you having trouble knowing what to say? Do you want to let them know you care?

    Send them an e-card.

    Remember, each person’s experience with abortion is unique. These e-cards were created to address the range of experiences people can have with abortion. As you consider which e-card to send, think about the person you are sending it to. What do they need to know? What are they feeling? What message will provide the most comfort?

    Each card is provided in English and Spanish. was featured on the Featured Page of was featured on the Featured Page of on March 24, 2007. Here is the featured blog article on

    "If you’re in the market for some high-quality, imaginatively clever eCards, take a look at These moving works of art manage to perfectly capture the sentimentality and creativity so often lost in the freebie eCards cluttering up the net. Sure, there’s a price, but at $10 for a year’s worth of access to high quality cards, it isn’t much to pay, especially when you realize that the proceeds go to the talented artists behind the cards. Of course eCards are also easier and cheaper than buying cards at the store (and save all that licking of envelopes), and they help the environment by reducing paper waste, but the real reason to go to is that they offer some of the coolest eCards out there, and that alone is worth a look."'s ecards are chosen by TopPicks for ecards

    Our e-cards are chosen by TopPicks for ecards.

    #1 in Top 10 Favorite Christmas E-Card Sites
    Hand-painted and animated with incredible attention to details and nuances, the Ojolie Christmas card brings holiday spirit to every home by means of angel dust.

    #1 in Top 10 Favorite Birthday E-Card Sites
    An amazing lovable seal delivers heartfelt birthday greetings with big eyes.

    #2 in Top 10 Favorite Valentine's Day E-Card Sites
    Of the many, many ways to express loving feelings, the Japanese red crowned cranes' dance and the graceful movements of trumpeter swans are among the most beautiful. Of the many, many ways to send Valentine's Day greetings via email, Ojolie cards (animating said cranes and swans) are among the most lovely.

    #3 in Top 10 Favorite Thanksgiving E-Card Sites
    The beautiful squirrel family is up to something... and I have a suspicion it has something to do with Thanksgiving. Send one of the most classy e-cards from Ojolie.

    New birthday ecards arrive!

    We have added a new card 'The Wish' as well as a Birthday version of our 'Telegram' card to our site.

    The Wish
    Celebrate the day and make a wish!

    Birthday Gram
    By request the 'Telegram' card redone for Birthdays: watch the gold crests type and deliver the birthday telegram!

    More cards are presently in production, including ecards for Easter and Mother’s Day as well as more cards for general occasions as requested by many of you.

    Are men afraid of greeting cards?

    According to Lisa Earle McLeod of in her Greeting card paralysis reaches all time high, the answer is a definitely yes!
    It's no coincidence that as the more verbose half of the species, women buy and send more cards than men do. According to Hallmark's research, 82 percent of all greeting cards are purchased by women.


    Women believe that if a guy really loves you, he'll choose a card that expresses the subtle nuances of his innermost thoughts and yearnings, creatively set to rhyme and emblazoned with meaningful graphics.

    And woe unto the man who thinks that a simple "Happy Valentine's Day" is enough. Unless it's scribbled on the bottom of first-class plane tickets to Paris or etched on the key ring of a Lexus, most women think that it takes more than three words to express true love.

    But there are hopes.

    If you're a man, the card aisle often feels like a paper minefield of potentially hazardous female emotions. But don't let fear or insecurity stand in the way of slaying the Valentine dragon. All most women really want is for you to tell her that you love her with your heart and soul.

    And if you're a woman and the words on his card aren't quite right, remember they were written by a hired hack in a cube at Hallmark. But the act of braving a store and buying it for you were courageously undertaken by the nervous man clutching the paper heart.

    "Good Friends" ecard released

    We have been hard at work and have just added one new card ‘Good Friends’ to our selection. In addition, ‘Trumpeter Swans’ and ‘Tulip’ were also released a few weeks ago. So if you are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day card to send, you now have a selection of four cards on our site:

    ‘Good Friends’ is suitable for Valentine’s Day and other occasions for both good friends as well as the love of your life – who is probably also your best friend. Slightly comical, it still aims to be sincere and thoughtful.

    Good Friends

    Trumpeter Swans


    Love Dance

    New ecards for Valentine's day

    We have added two new cards in anticipation of spring, Valentines, Easter, Mother's Day and many of the other occasions that the new year will bring.

    One card features the graceful moves of North America’s largest birds, Trumpeter Swans, to a very moving musical score that is one of my personal favorites.

    The other card is an art nouveau inspired composition of tulips, perfect really for any of the above mentioned occasions. In fact either of these cards will suit a wide range of occasions. Enjoy!

    Trumpeter Swans


    We have started posting the wonderful reviews and comments we have been receiving, inspiring us to keep working hard to bring you new and creative work. Thank you!