Collector-Worthy Ecards

What is your perception of ecards? The typical ecards that I come across depict either a couple of crudely drawn cartoon characters singing and dancing frenetically or a nauseatingly sweet puppy saying something like "I wuv you". Thats why we started Ojolie ecards are truly different from average, run-of-the-mill ecards. It's a different level of computer graphics - less commercial and more fine art. We represent a new niche of ecards - one that will charm our audience with elegance, personality and creativity.

When the recipient sees the link on their email, we want them to have a sense of anticipation. We want them to have the same joy that one has when they receive a paper greeting card in the mail. This new idea in ecards transcends the ordinary to create original works of art that are translated to the computer screen for your enjoyment or that of friends and family. Our initiative here at Ojolie is to change the face of ecards and up the ante to include those who previously may have been left out of the loop because of the lack of sophisticated, stylish ecards on the web. Our hope is that the door will be opened for a whole new throng of ecard enthusiasts. So welcome to Ojolie!

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