How much electricity does recycling a Christmas sleeve save?

"According to the Woodland Trust, recycling just one Christmas card saves enough electricity to allow five people to watch the [UK] Queen’s Christmas day message." in ...Turn old cards into gift tags. "Last year more than 93 million cards were collected by the Woodland Trust – enough to enable the charity to plant 22,000 trees – or a forest the size of 44 football pitches."

That is a lot of tree cut down for the cards, not to mention all other related activities (turning trees into paper cards, delivering cards to stores, buying the cards, mailing the cards, etc.). The best way to save the environment is to reduce consumption.


  1. This is great information. When I went to Art Center and learned about recycling back in the 90s (I think this is a recycled subject finally now to stay) -- I don't recall getting comparison statistics. I think that wakes people up.

    Thanks for the info!

    Love your cards and site!

  2. Most of the time, a number with a good mental image can really clarify an idea/concept:-)