Square greeting cards may be hip, they but costs more

If you are thinking to buy those hip square greeting cards for this holiday season, you may want to think again, according to newsobserver.com.

A rectangular envelope, 5 1/2 by 8 1/2, gets the usual 41-cent first-class stamp. But one of those trendy square 6 1/2-inch greeting cards will cost you 58 cents. If your list is long, it adds up.


So what size do the machines like?

Carl A. Walton, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, said that would be any envelope that's 11 1/2 inches long and 6 1/8 inches high -- or smaller, as long as it's not square. Anything outside of those dimensions could be considered "nonmachinable" and charged extra postage.

A surcharge is also charged for envelopes with clasps, strings, button or other closures; and letters that are rigid or enclosed in plastic material. To learn more about rates and extra services, go to www.usps.com/rates /extra-services-rates.htm.

How much electricity does recycling a Christmas sleeve save?

"According to the Woodland Trust, recycling just one Christmas card saves enough electricity to allow five people to watch the [UK] Queen’s Christmas day message." in ...Turn old cards into gift tags. "Last year more than 93 million cards were collected by the Woodland Trust – enough to enable the charity to plant 22,000 trees – or a forest the size of 44 football pitches."

That is a lot of tree cut down for the cards, not to mention all other related activities (turning trees into paper cards, delivering cards to stores, buying the cards, mailing the cards, etc.). The best way to save the environment is to reduce consumption.

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming around the corner. We have added a new card called "Culinary Masterpiece" for the ocassion, in addition to the existing Thanksgiving card, "Inventive Squirrels". Creating a culinary masterpiece was never this easy before – watch the cheeky ingredients collaborate for a nice surprise!

Culinary Masterpiece

Inventive Squirrels

We have also added a new card called "Origami Crane". There is a saying that if you can fold one thousand origami cranes your wish will be granted. The custom has inspired millions in their hope for peace in the world. In Japan it is also a custom for couples getting married. Send it to spread your wish for joy and peace in the world and for your loved ones!

Origami Crane

Happy Thanksgiving!