How ecards can help the environment

With the coming of the holiday season, people will be sending a lot of greeting cards. Most of us know that paper cards are not a good idea for the environment. But how bad can sending 50 paper cards hurt the environment? They are just 50 cards!

Well, according to Creative Citizen, the cost of sending 50 regular cards is 5 pounds of waste, 1,000 pounds of emissions, 1,000 kilowatt hours, and $30!

But what is the impact of sending 50 ecards instead? One calculation estimates the impact to be 3-4 lbs of CO2, i.e. 2-3 hours of electricity used for sending the 50 ecards on a computer. So this year, you may want to consider sending ecards as an alternative.


  1. Props for actually calculating the estimated emissions from sending 50 e-cards.

    Had you not have mentioned it I probably would have not even considered it!

  2. Your work is wonderful, very impressive. I wish that I could use watercolor to come up with a logo for myself. You are so creative, which is something that I lack.