10 Ways to Reduce Waste

divine.ca lists 10 Ways to Reduce Waste. Most people should be able to do some of them, if not all.

  1. No more paper towels
  2. Take reusable bags to the store
  3. Buy in bulk
  4. Pack a smart lunch
  5. Get reusable coffee filters
  6. Make your own notepads
  7. Start sending eCards
  8. Buy a travel mug
  9. Switch to rechargeable batteries
  10. Purchase durable products

New eCard for Mother's Day

Just in time for Mother's Day, we have added another card to our selection called "Under the Moon".

The card features moon bear cubs "Bingo" & "Happy", born in captivity at Taiwan's Low Altitude Research Station where their mother was brought after being found injured in the wild. My friends at the Station asked if I could animate the cubs based on the footage they had made since the birth of the cubs; this card is the result of this collaboration.

It is difficult to convey the breathtaking beauty of the forest and mountains where these bears live, so I had to challenge myself artistically to create an inspired backdrop. Let me know what you think!

Under the Moon

In addition to this card, we have other cards that are suited for Mother's Day.

You can also go to http://www.ojolie.com/ecards_mother_day.php to see the complete list.

Happy Mother's Day!

Helpful tips to ensure the safe receipt of ecards

American Greetings Offers Simple Reminders on How to Stay Protected This Mother's Day

CLEVELAND, May 5 -- American Greetings Corporation, in response to potential email scams that typically occur during major holidays, is providing the public with some helpful tips to ensure the safe receipt of their Mother's Day online greetings.

Celebrating Mom through online greetings is a popular trend. In fact, Mother's Day ranks among the top five holidays in terms of e-cards sent from the American Greetings family of Web sites. To be sure that you avoid any potentially harmful e-mails, Dan Miller, vice president of Product Management at AG Interactive, a division of American Greetings Corporation, offers the following suggestions:

  • Be cautious: If you have any suspicion that the e-card you have received is fraudulent, do not open the e-mail, and do not click on any links within the body of the message if you do. Legitimate e-mails will always give you the option to pick up the e-card by typing in the address of the Web site, rather than clicking on the link.

  • Make sure you recognize the sender's name: The name of the sender should always be visible in the subject line of the e-mail, or within the e-mail itself. If you do not recognize the sender's name or the sender's name is not visible, proceed with caution.

  • Be sure to look for the Web site: The Web site should be identifiable in one or more of the following areas: the "from" field, the subject line or the body of the e-mail itself. If no site is listed, or you do not recognize the site, proceed with caution.

  • Do not follow any links with a simple IP address: Sometimes the IP address is hidden beneath the link and can only be seen by positioning your cursor over the link or right clicking on the link to view properties. The link should start with the domain of the Web site (i.e.http://www.americangreetings.com ) and not a series of numbers commonly referred to as an IP address.