We have added a new card called "Hellebore" for the upcoming holidays featuring elements hand painted in watercolor in great detail and a charming ensemble of little guests that inhabit our garden even in the depth of winter. Perfect for almost any occasion during the winter months or send it simply to spread a little color and joy.


In addition we have several other cards suitable for sending your Thanksgiving greetings, including the recently added "Turkey Day" card.

Turkey Day

Culinary Masterpiece

Inventive Squirrels

Practice safe ecard sending

With the holiday season upon us, people will be sending their greetings via paper and electronic greeting cards. While paper cards will consist majority of this tradition, ecards have their places. Sending ecards are much more environment friendly. It is also economical, particularly during our current financial downturn.

However, there are a few precaution that one needs to be aware of when one receives ecards.

  • Make sure you recognize the sender's name. The sender's FULL name should ALWAYS be included in the subject line (and sometimes in the "from" field) of the email.

  • The web site should be easily identified in one or more of the following places: the "from" field, the subject line, or in the email itself.

  • Do NOT click any links with simple IP address. In a fake ecard email, the IP address may be hidden and can only be seen by hovering your cursor over the link or right clicking on the link to view properties. The link should not be a series of number (e.g., commonly referred to as an IP address).

  • An ecard email should NOT have any attachment of any kind. The recipient will go to the web site to "pick up" (i.e. view) the ecard.

  • Legitimate ecard emails will always include an option to pick up the ecard by typing the web site address and enter a code.

  • Use a webmail or email application that has good spam filter. My experience with Gmail has been very good. It filters out almost all spam mail.

Let me know if you have any other tips that I am missing here.

How ecards can help the environment

With the coming of the holiday season, people will be sending a lot of greeting cards. Most of us know that paper cards are not a good idea for the environment. But how bad can sending 50 paper cards hurt the environment? They are just 50 cards!

Well, according to Creative Citizen, the cost of sending 50 regular cards is 5 pounds of waste, 1,000 pounds of emissions, 1,000 kilowatt hours, and $30!

But what is the impact of sending 50 ecards instead? One calculation estimates the impact to be 3-4 lbs of CO2, i.e. 2-3 hours of electricity used for sending the 50 ecards on a computer. So this year, you may want to consider sending ecards as an alternative.

Tomorrow is the US presidential election. Democracy works best when we all participate. I hope if you are able to vote in the upcoming US election you will take the time to exercise that right. Remind your friends and family to do the same by sending one of our ecards. Let's hope on Election Day there will be a great turnout.

Here are some suggestions for suitable cards:

Stars and Stripes Forever


Origami Cranes