New Year Cards for 2009

For me New Year is really about renewal, renewal that is part of a cycle of the year and of life. Without this hope, the long dark winters would have seemed almost unsurvivable to my ancestors in Denmark, who would worship in various ways to hope that the sun would once again return. And so despite much disheartening news affecting all of us around the world, New Year's is a time to celebrate hope above all I believe. With this in mind, I was inspired to create a card that sends this message, both through visual beauty and a message to cast your gaze up at the stars to see Sirius, brightest star, in its culmination on New Year's Eve.


Here are some other New Year cards.

Black Tie

Cocktail Dress


You can see more New Year cards here.

New Year Invitation eCards

We have added a new card in two versions called "Black Tie" and "Cocktail Dress" to our site for the upcoming New Year's celebration as well as any festive occasion. The card has a real vintage feel to it including a nice big band music piece. We made two versions of the card so that it would be suitable for both women and men to send. If you are planning an upcoming bash for the holidays or New Year, this card would make a nice way to send the invitation.

Black Tie

Cocktail Dress

We are still working on one more New Year card and will let you know as soon as we add it to the site.

New Christmas eCard - Jingle Bells

We have added another new card called "Jingle Bells" featuring a horse drawn sled dashing through a winter wonderland - all handpainted in watercolor in great detail - a classical card centered around the joy of preparing for the holidays with your loved ones.

Jingle Bells

But before Tim and I can get around to the family preparations with the boys, we still have a bit of work to do to bring you several more cards for your New Year celebrations.

Merry Christmas!

Holiday greeting card cutbacks

Have you received any holiday greeting cards yet?

Because of the current economic downturn, people are cutting back the greeting cards they send.

Are you cutting back the number of cards you are sending this year?