Esben ready to kick some bad *ss

Last Saturday Esben finally qualified to take the official black belt test in Taekwondo and passed. When he received his belt with his name engraved on it he was sooo proud and mommy was even prouder!

waiting to compete

Emil will qualify in a few months as well, but most importantly both boys continue finding their daily practice lots of fun. Since they are being homeschooled it provides lots of social activity, not to mention exercise - these days they come back drenched in sweat as it is still hot and muggy even during the evenings.

A few months ago both Emil and Esben won silver medals in the regional major's taikwando competition.

As Tim and I watched the sparing match that won Emil his silver medal from the sidelines we were probably more nervous than him :) Now ain't that just typical?

the coach is really encouraging

Emil receives his silver medal

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