Soap Beautiful

photo by Thomas Hawk on flickr

As an artist I am incredibly sensitive to color and my surroundings. I love fresh flowers and little touches in my daily life that give me joy to behold. And when the urge comes to spruce things up a little, it doesn't mean having to splurge or repaint the whole house. Here is a simple idea for making the bathroom a little more attractive.

I recently stumbled on this fantastic little wooden pedestal stand, a vintage piece from Japan that was bought rather inexpensively locally (less than $10).

I use it to hold extra soaps in the bathroom. I have a favorite olive oil soap I like to use, but the packaging is anything but beautiful. So instead a cut strips of decorative paper and wrap them around each soap, securing with a small piece of tape. The result looks luxurious and pampering. You could use a big glass jar as well to hold soaps, natural sponges and wash cloths - or ceramic plates or bowls - just make sure they are placed somewhere they will not be knocked down. I keep my towels and this soap stand on a an antique wooden teak towel stand outside the bathroom, which also eliminates any issues with moisture.


  1. I love the 2nd purpose you made for this and the photography, lighting and layout. The purpose is useful which I love.

    Nice job!