The Year of eCards in UK?

Is this the year of eCards in UK?

According to The Time, "Royal Mail’s chief executive has painted a bleak picture of the industry’s future — and warned that the current strife could result in people deciding that this was the year they would stop sending Christmas cards."

I don't think people in UK will stop sending paper Christmas cards. The strike will definitely have some effect, but there are still many weeks away from Christmas. There are enough people who believe that paper cards are a special part of their holiday. For many people, paper Christmas cards are often set out on the mantel or some other conspicuous place. Try to do that with eCards.

Maybe we should add the functionality for the recipients to print out their ecards so they can put the "cards" on the mantel-:)


  1. I think that might be a good idea to add an option to print out the message. That may increase customers and their willingness to go green.

    One of my hesitations is that I love seeing my house filled with holiday cards from my friends. It's like a big silent hug. However, I'm committed to going green as well.

    Even printing out in house is not going green enough yet, however, it's better than nothing. At least the person has it in his/her control if she wants to. Please consider that as a good option.

    Love your site!

  2. Yes, the holiday cards do look pretty around the house. But the paper cards are not very good for the environment. See our previous blog entry, "How much electricity does recycling a Christmas sleeve save?".

    It is not one single paper card that is damaging the environment. It is the collection of all those cards on the holidays that does the trick. So are you thinking about having a few paper cards around your house during the holiday seasons? It just seems so easy to say that a few cards won't hurt.

    But if you have been reducing consumption (including meat) and recycling as much as you can, then I am sure that a few cards around the house is OK:-)