Earth Day or Triage Day?

Today is April 22 - Earth Day, a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Some people say that every day should be Earth Day. But Joseph Romm from Climate Progress says that maybe we should dump Earth Day and change it to "Triage Day".

Free eCard for Earth Day - Blue Planet

We have added a new card, "Blue Planet", to our selection just in time for Earth Day April 22nd. It features a happy and up-tempo Brazilian chorinho musical piece by Anne Lenoir, Carlos Oliveira and Alex Calatahud, who have graciously offered their music for this card. If you are not familiar with this style of music, the card includes some information about it and the musicians.

Inspired by the music and the diversity of Brazilian flora and fauna, I set about creating a card that would inspire us to take a little better care of our planet - for our own sake if for no other reasons. The wildlife in the card, especially our intelligent counterparts below water, the dolphins, have an important message to deliver. And although intended for Earth Day, I think it is also ideally suited for cheering anyone up or saying congratulations.

Joining last year's card, "Roof of the World", this one is this year's card that is available free of charge for a good cause. So please join us in celebrating our blue planet and Earth Day on April 22nd along with billions around the world.

Blue Planet

Easter & Spring eCard, Hyacinths & Snow Drops

We recently added a new card for Easter and Spring called "Hyacinths & Snow Drops", the little messengers of spring, Easter and the hope that spring has always symbolized to me - all served up in a rather unusual fashion in this card.

Hyacinths & Snow Drops

Or pick from some of the other cards we offer on the site for Easter and Spring, including the very popular card "Enchanted" featuring hand painted tulips or "Gift's of Spring" which has also been a huge hit so far!


Gift of Spring

Here are a few more choices of cards or you can follow this link to go directly to our Easter/Spring selection of cards on the site.

Easter Delivery


Best wishes for a Happy Easter!