Acceptance of Electornic Greeting Cards

According to the recent "Intel Holiday Mobile Etiquette" study conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Intel Corporation, 62% of online adults would send an electronic greeting card or e-mail in lieu of a traditional card, and 88% of them would not be offended if they received an e-mail or electronic thank you card in lieu of handwritten notes of gratitude.

How about you?

The Year of eCards in UK?

Is this the year of eCards in UK?

According to The Time, "Royal Mail’s chief executive has painted a bleak picture of the industry’s future — and warned that the current strife could result in people deciding that this was the year they would stop sending Christmas cards."

I don't think people in UK will stop sending paper Christmas cards. The strike will definitely have some effect, but there are still many weeks away from Christmas. There are enough people who believe that paper cards are a special part of their holiday. For many people, paper Christmas cards are often set out on the mantel or some other conspicuous place. Try to do that with eCards.

Maybe we should add the functionality for the recipients to print out their ecards so they can put the "cards" on the mantel-:)

Wish you a frightfully wonderful Halloween

Our newest card for Halloween is titled "Ghostly Friends". It is great for sending spooky wishes to friends and family of all ages.

Ghostly Friends

A frightfully cute little ghost shares his treats with his friends in this card that is sure to delight old and young alike.

Here is our other Halloween card.

Halloween Frolics

With a dash of magic, a sprinkling of make believe and some ominous music this production will put you right in the mood for some frolics of your own on Halloween. Made to look vintage - but see for yourself!

Tip: When you create a card, you can check off the option boxes to be notified when the card is sent or when the recipient views this card.

Happy Halloween!

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Baptism Christening eCard

We have added a new card titled "Ave Maria" to our growing selection of ecards. For some time now we have wanted to set a card to the goose-bump inducing vocal rendition of Schubert's piece by the same title.

So we set out to design a card that would do the music justice; we settled on painting a reproduction of Lewis C. Tiffany's glass stained windows, which took several weeks to complete in watercolor and ink.

Tiffany's windows are renowned for their vibrant color, beautifully detailed art nouveau designs and innovative glass making techniques. The card includes a short section about the art work in the card (link found at the end of the card).

Although the card is mainly intended for announcing the birth of a new baby, congratulating new parents, baptisms and christenings, it is also suitable for other spiritual occasions. We plan to release an alternate version of the card for Christmas later in the year as well.

Ave Maria

Let us know how you like this card!

Yeah ... the Painting is Finished

Last night I put the finishing touches on what is probably the most complicated, painstaking and detailed watercolor I have done for any of the cards to date. I am working on a card that is inspired by the amazing art nouveau stained glass windows by Louis C. Tiffany.

Transparent watercolors are perfect for capturing the vibrancy and luminosity of light filtering through a stained glass window.

The first stage, painting the frames of each individual glass pane in black ink took about a week of full time work. The ink is water soluble but waterproof once dry, so can be applied before the watercolors. Although this makes painting in watercolor a bit easier, it still took another week and a half of days, evenings and pretty much all my free time to complete the painting.

But now that it is complete I am rather thrilled with the result. I hope you will be to when you see the final card which will be set to Ave Maria, one of my favorite music pieces.