Happy Thanksgiving and Saint Nicholas Card

As many of our members in the US prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, we have been hard at work on many more cards for other holidays which will be released in the coming weeks. If you have not yet sent your thanksgiving greetings, here is just one last reminder while there is still time. We have included links to a few suggested cards here for your convenience.

Indian Summer

Turkey Day

Culinary Masterpiece

Inventive Squirrels

We have also added a new card titled "Sinterklaas" to our site, which is the Dutch name for Saint Nick who inspired the modern day character of Santa Claus. In many parts of the world his name day on December 6th is an important celebration. I have fond memories of the festival from my childhood when I lived in the Netherlands. Because of this connection with Santa Claus, the card would also make a nice alternative season's greeting even if you don't celebrate St. Nick's Day, especially for children who might be old enough to know the "secret" about Santa but might not be aware where the character originated from.

Saint Nicholas

The card is illustrated with the stories and practices of the celebration of Saint Nicholas Day as paper cutouts in a book. I have included a little bit of information about Sinterklaas at the end of the card. My favorite practice of the celebration is the creatively disguised and wrapped small presents that people go to great lengths to prepare as well as the poems poking some good natured fun at each other. It never seemed like an overly commercial holiday this way because the effort of penning the poems make the presents very personal and heartfelt.

Here is a picture of me playing the lead role of Sinterklaas in a play when I was just a young 12 years old a long, long time ago :)

Indian Summer Thanskgiving eCard

We have added a new card called "Indian Summer" to our growing selection just in time for the harvest celebrations, Thanksgiving and other general fall greetings.

Indian Summer

In the many years we lived in New England, this was our favorite time - the leaves become a feast for the eyes, the apples are ripe for picking and Indian summer is the icing on the cake. This card celebrates all this as one family comes together for their fall harvest.

Remember you can schedule your cards now so you won't forget and have one less thing to remember closer to Thanksgiving. In addition to this new card, we have several other cards that are well suited for Thanksgiving, including:

Turkey Day

Culinary Masterpiece

Inventive Squirrels

Warmest wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday & fall!

Veterans Day is Tomorrow

Veterans Day in the US is tomorrow, Wednesday 11/11/09.

Here are the cards that are suitable for the occasion.

America The BeautifulLiberty
Stars and Stripes ForeverHope

The Greening of Australia with the help of our eCards

I was thrilled to see that we have been included in the list of sites for e-cards on a very eco website: mygreenaustralia.com.

We all know that paper cards are still very much in vogue and many people still love to receive a card in the mail, but the gang at mygreenaustralia.com are trying to help people see the brilliance in e-cards, both environmentally and also artistically.

You can read all about us here in this article!