Happy New Year eCards 2010

We have added two new cards to the site for sending all your New Year greetings.

The first card, titled "Count Down", really captures the joyful and celebratory mood of New Year celebrations with vibrant fireworks.

Count Down

The second card, "Jazzy New Year", was inspired by the roaring 20s and includes a musical score that will have you tapping your feet. It is a classy art nouveau inspired card to end the year with a bang and a bash, perfect for invitations for your very own bash or a stylish way to send your New Year greetings.

Jazzy New Year

With just a few days left of 2010, remember you can already schedule your New Year cards now to be sent when you want your recipients to receive it.

Here are our other New Year ecards.

Wishing you a Very Happy New Year!

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Fun Christmas eCard for kids and adults

This year I wanted to create a Christmas card that would be really entertaining for people of all ages, while staying true to our mission to create something artistic and tasteful. We started planning this card many months ago and it includes some of our most challenging animation to date - three hip-hop dancing rats with lots of personality as well as an elegant fairy all strutting their stuff to a nice up-tempo version of "Sugar Plum Fairy". The characters in the card are as proud as we are of the final results - to see what I mean watch the card. I hope you will find it truly entertaining to watch.

Christmas Vibe

We also released a second version of the card "Midnight Mass" with a different choice of music - the second version is titled "O Holy Night" and includes the Christmas carol by the same name.

O Holy Night

The holiday season is a time to give thanks, and we are very thankful for all your support, constructive feedback and comments. We still have two more cards on the way before the New Year, but my personal resolution for the coming year is to keep challenging myself to stay creative, keep learning and give your more great cards to send.

Midnight Mass Christmas eCard

The inspiration for our newest card for Christmas was a painting I did of a winter landscape at night. The reflective light of the snow creates an almost ethereal landscape as people gather for Midnight Mass. The card includes a wonderful rendition of "Amazing Grace".

Midnight Mass

Here is an alternative version of the card "Midnight Mass" with the Christmas carol "O Holy Night" instead.

O Holy Night

In addition to these 2 cards and the card "Paper Star" which was released last week, we have three more cards on the way for the Christmas and New Year holidays that will be released shortly. So there is still more to look forward to.

Here are our Christmas ecard collection and New Year ecard collection.

Christmas eCard : Paper Star

To show my appreciation for your support I created my own designs for making paper ornaments, which I have included in this new card along with instructions. I have also included instructions for making a traditional folded paper star and a woven heart and I want to share a little bit about the tradition of making these ornaments with you.

Paper Stars

My Scandinavian forbears developed traditions that helped them cope with the cold and dark winter days. One of my favorite has always been gathering with friends and family in the weeks before Christmas to make handmade paper ornaments while sipping on warm gloegg and eating aebleskiver by candlelight, tucked under a blanket and wearing big fluffy slippers. This is what we call "hygge". It is a concept that is difficult to translat but is very important in my culture:

"the word describes a particular state of mind, an atmosphere, the creation of a little mental and physical space where the turmoil and troubles of the outside world is shut out and a warm, intimate, convivial mood is created. The desire for hygge is a hugely motivating force in Danish culture and has a lot to do with the long dark winters. From the beginning of October all the way until the end of March darkness rules the country and the sunshine is a sad, pale thing. When it’s cold and gloomy outside for this long, moods tends to follow suit and to stave off an annual dip into depression, the Danes have developed the art of creating hygge into a fine art, and almost a national obsession."

To read more go to this website which is the source of this nice explanation.

The card is of course perfect for friends and family members who love crafts, but I have found that almost everyone seems to enjoy getting together with other people and folding a few paper stars or hearts while decorating the Christmas tree. The competitive in my family even went as far as trying to make the stars smaller and smaller using tweezers to see who could make the smallest star. Many of the ornaments were traditionally made to function as little baskets that were filled with nuts, dried fruits, chocolates and candies in a time when presents had not yet made their appearance under the tree because most people could not afford such luxuries. These homemade ornaments have come to symbolize the deeper meaning of Christmas to me, one that is centered around a shared experience, simple joys and a little hygge.

Here are our other Christmas ecards.

Enjoy and keep warm!

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Food Coma? Eating too much? New Thanksgiving eCard

Our newest ecard "Food Coma" is a fun little take on our tendency to sometimes overdo holidays ... in this case the cats have the run of the house while everyone else is having a little "cat nap" on the couch. It was created for Thanksgiving, but I remember plenty of other holidays that ended like this in my family ;)

Food Coma

Here are our other Thanksgiving ecards.

Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy but don't eat too much:-)

Halloween eCard for Everyone

We have added a new card to our site called "Potions" for some scary fun for Halloween. The curious cat in this card gets the shock of its life when it gets too close to the witch's brew.


Here are our other Halloween ecards.

Have a frightening good time on Halloween!

Free eCard for Breast Cancer Awareness

The inspiration for the newest card on our site, titled "Chicka", was the courage and spirit of a dear family friend fighting breast cancer. With so many people's lives touched by cancer this card seems to have long been overdue on our site. We have made this card available for all to send for free. Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I hope you will help spread the word and find many other uses for the card. In the meantime, we are working on more cards to send condolence and sympathy.


Here are our other free ecards.

We have also been at work for months on cards for the biggest holidays of the last months of the year. As I write this I am overlooking the last ripe apples in my mother's backyard, back in Denmark for a short visit. The days are growing shorter and people are soaking up the last rays of warm sunlight. And I look forward to showing you what I have been hard at work on for months for the fall and winter celebrations.

Cute Penguin Birthday eCard

We have added a cute birthday ecard to the site called "Gift Wrapped". This short and sweet card was created with children in mind and is great for sending birthday wishes, birth announcements, or congrats.

Gift Wrapped

Here is our complete birthday ecard collection.

House and Garden - eCard for House Warming, New Home, etc.

We have added a new card to the site titled "House & Garden".  It is well suited for summer greetings or for anyone moving to a new home, expecting a baby, garden enthusiasts or send it just because.

Inspired by real events from my grandmom's backyard, a cheeky bird steals nesting material from another bird building its nest.  Set to a silent movie style musical score, all in all an upbeat and entertaining new addition to our growing selection of cards.

House & Garden

Parade eCard for July 4th Independence Day

The US will be another year older and of course we have created a new Independence Day eCard for this occasion. Perhaps one of my most ambitious cards to date, it is a feast for your eyes as a marching band sets the festive tone to the parade down main street. You might notice some familiar and new characters marching to Sousa's "The Thunderer", culminating in a really artistic fireworks display. And as always many elements are painted in watercolor for that extra artistic touch.

Although the card was created with Independence Day in mind, it is also great for many other occasions - perhaps for that special person you think is worthy of a parade all in their honor to say thanks, happy birthday or congratulations.


Father's Day eCard - On Wilderness Shore

The inspiration for our newest Fathy Day e-Card, On Wilderness Shore, for Father's Day came after a recent trip to the coast with my boys and Tim that included spotting an eagle up close taking of in majestic flight and many other little adventures. My oldest son told me afterwards that two of his big wishes had been fulfilled on the trip and the idea for this card was born.

Let yourself go on a journey in a canoe across great wild scenery, spotting wildlife, fishing and finally settling down for the night in a magical spot on earth - from the comfort of your computer :) I hope the watercolor paintings in this card come close to giving you the feeling I get when I am out in the wild. The card is perfect for Father's Day, greetings to all your outdoor enthusiasts, Birthday wishes (especially for men) and many other occasions. It also includes a little bit about how I went about painting the artwork in this card.

On Wilderness Shore

Here is our complete Father's Day ecard collection.

With best wishes for a Happy Father's Day!

Tadaa Surprise Birthday eCard

We have added a new card to our site that is perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other celebratory events called "Tadaa!". This card was inspired by Star, a real little kitten we know who cheekily takes any chance to savor our pastries or anything else whenever he thinks we aren't looking! The card also features the little dachshund, Oskar, who first made his debut in our cards a few years ago.


We have also been working on a number of other cards, including cards for Father's Day and US Independence Day which will be added to the site soon. Another long-term project has been a card inspired by Greek mythology and the constellations for our many dog fans, which I am very excited to launch soon.

Beautiful Mother Day eCards

We have added two newecards to our site created with Mother's Day in mind, but both cards are also suitable for other occasions such as birthdays and general greetings.

The first card is titled "Cherubs" and features Raphael's famous cherubs deep in thought until they find a special way to send a message. We thought all mothers could use a few additional angels in their life from time to time, not to mention Peonies and Snowball Virburnum painted in lovely detail. And yes, it is almost ridiculously sweet. Sweet with subtle humor that makes it okay to send a card with little adorable cherubs. For almost any occasion.


The second ecard titled "Picnic" is a variation on the card "Al Fresco" adapted for Mother's Day, birthdays and other occasions. As spring brings so much new life and renewal, this card celebrates the day with a picnic on the river bank while the swans and ducks are parading their little families.


Here are all our Mother's Day eCards.

Happy Mother's Day!

Giveaway Winners

We have the winners of the giveaway! Congratulation!

Betty E.
Claire K.
Olgy G.
Cris L.
Nancy W.

That is a post card you are eating ... sort of

Postcarden offers cool cards that you can grow and eat!

"Combining gift and greeting card, Postcarden is a fun and simple pop-out card that transforms into a mini living garden."

Currently there are 3 designs. Below is one of them.

Happy Easter, New Easter eCards

We have added two new cards to the site in celebration of Easter and Spring. With Easter bunnies, fluffy little chicks, beautifully painted Easter eggs and a dash of humor, "Carnival of Colors" couldn't say Easter more clearly. I confess bunnies and chicks were making their appearance even in my sleep as I was working on choreographing the animation to the energetic music of Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals:) And who knows, this card might even inspire you to get busy painting some Easter eggs of your own this Easter.

Carnival of Colors

Weeks of work went into painting the stained glass window that forms the backdrop to the second card titled "Easter Lily" and originally was painted for the card "Ave Maria". In this variation, an Easter Lily lifting its head in full bloom in the light streaming from the window couldn't be a more fitting symbol for Easter.

Easter Lily

Here is a complete collection of our Easter cards.

Happy Easter!

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

We have added a new card to the site called "Connemara" in time for St. Patrick's Day. Use it to send your "truly green" greetings or use the card for many other occasions.

As so often I was inspired by the beauty of nature and really lost myself in the process of painting the green Irish hills that form the backdrop of this card. But the best part of the process is seeing the painting come alive when you finally put it all together with animation and music - in this case a lovely Irish piece, of course, and a boy and his Connemara pony.


Here are other cards for St. Patrick's Day.

Enjoy and have a very happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

With many parts of the United States, Europe and the rest of the northern hemisphere receiving an unusual amount of snow, I hope you will enjoy the three new cards we have added to our site. Although it may not feel like it, spring is not far off, and so I wanted this year's Valentine cards to be full of the positive and hopeful feeling that spring symbolizes to me.

The first card, "Flutter", features apple blossoms, songbirds and a full bouquet of butterflies. The birds and many of the butterflies in this card were conjured up from my own imagination, so no need to ask what kind they are :)


"Al Fresco" opens with a fresh green beech bud opening to reveal a perfect setting for a picnic for two. Love and spring are in the air - enough said.

Al Fresco

"Sidewalk Cafe" is more urban, set at a sidewalk cafe and to "La Vie en Rose" performed by real French street musicians.

Sidewalk Cafe

All three cards were created with Valentine Day in mind, but are also well suited for many other occasions. We wanted the cards to be both suitable for sending to friends and relatives but also for that special someone in your life.

Best wishes for a Happy Valentine Day!

Paper Christmas Cards in 2009

How many paper Christmas cards did you receive in 2009?

According to The Washington Post, "fewer people are sending holiday cards via snail mail in 2009".

Michael P. Woods, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, says first-class mail was down 11 percent in the first two weeks of December, when most cards are mailed. The Postal Service estimates 16.6 billion cards, letters and packages will be mailed over the holidays, down from 19 billion last year.

How is your experience?