Happy Easter, New Easter eCards

We have added two new cards to the site in celebration of Easter and Spring. With Easter bunnies, fluffy little chicks, beautifully painted Easter eggs and a dash of humor, "Carnival of Colors" couldn't say Easter more clearly. I confess bunnies and chicks were making their appearance even in my sleep as I was working on choreographing the animation to the energetic music of Saint-Saens Carnival of the Animals:) And who knows, this card might even inspire you to get busy painting some Easter eggs of your own this Easter.

Carnival of Colors

Weeks of work went into painting the stained glass window that forms the backdrop to the second card titled "Easter Lily" and originally was painted for the card "Ave Maria". In this variation, an Easter Lily lifting its head in full bloom in the light streaming from the window couldn't be a more fitting symbol for Easter.

Easter Lily

Here is a complete collection of our Easter cards.

Happy Easter!


  1. Your cards are beautiful. I was especially interested in the "painted" Easter eggs, as they resemble the unique Ukrainian Easter Eggs known as "Pysanky," which translated literally is "little writings." The name actually describes how these decorated eggs are created. Rather than being painted, a stylus filled with wax that is melted, writes the design on to the egg, preserving the color under the was. Like batik, the egg is dipped into successively darker colors, before which another pattern is preserved by drawing (or writing) that pattern with the stylus of melted wax. The stylus consists of a little metal cone, pierced at the bottom, into which one scoops up some wax, and them melts it over a candle flame as on goes along creating the desired pattern. After the egg has been dipped into all the successive colors, the egg is then held over a gentle flame and the wax is wiped off to reveal the multi-colored patterns beneath the wax. Each pattern has a significant meaning. When the egg is presented as a gift, the eggs communicates the wishes of the giver to the recipient. In effect, you have written a little message to someone you favor, i.e., wishing that person health, wealth, happiness, etc., at the time of renewal and new life of Easter.
    You can learn more at various websites - search term, "Ukrainian Easter Eggs," or "Pysanky."

  2. Thank you for the information about the "Ukrainian Easter Eggs". We knew about how the eggs are "colored", but it is too difficult to animate the process. We like the pattern, so we take some artistic licence on the process:-)

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