Father's Day eCard - On Wilderness Shore

The inspiration for our newest Fathy Day e-Card, On Wilderness Shore, for Father's Day came after a recent trip to the coast with my boys and Tim that included spotting an eagle up close taking of in majestic flight and many other little adventures. My oldest son told me afterwards that two of his big wishes had been fulfilled on the trip and the idea for this card was born.

Let yourself go on a journey in a canoe across great wild scenery, spotting wildlife, fishing and finally settling down for the night in a magical spot on earth - from the comfort of your computer :) I hope the watercolor paintings in this card come close to giving you the feeling I get when I am out in the wild. The card is perfect for Father's Day, greetings to all your outdoor enthusiasts, Birthday wishes (especially for men) and many other occasions. It also includes a little bit about how I went about painting the artwork in this card.

On Wilderness Shore

Here is our complete Father's Day ecard collection.

With best wishes for a Happy Father's Day!

Tadaa Surprise Birthday eCard

We have added a new card to our site that is perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other celebratory events called "Tadaa!". This card was inspired by Star, a real little kitten we know who cheekily takes any chance to savor our pastries or anything else whenever he thinks we aren't looking! The card also features the little dachshund, Oskar, who first made his debut in our cards a few years ago.


We have also been working on a number of other cards, including cards for Father's Day and US Independence Day which will be added to the site soon. Another long-term project has been a card inspired by Greek mythology and the constellations for our many dog fans, which I am very excited to launch soon.