Two New Christmas e-Cards: Little Carolers and Cheerful Greetings

As we are putting the finishing touches on our production for New Year, we are happy to let you know that we have added two more Christmas and holiday cards for you to send.

The Little Carolers in our newest card sing a delightful version of "We Wish you a Merry Christmas" for their forest friends. The animation in this card has been some of the most challenging to date, but I wanted to give you another happy and upbeat Christmas card like lasts year's very popular Christmas Vibe.

The second card, Cheerful Greetings, was not part of the plan this year, but the evening the idea for the card was conceived, I decided I simply had to start right away. When the vision for a card is entirely clear, it would be a shame not to seize the moment. And so without further fanfare, I present to you, a short card suitable for just about anyone this time of year and captures the spirit of the season. <

Little Carolers

Cheerful Greetings

Along with the other three new cards added recently to our selection and the many other previous cards, there is plenty to choose from for everyone, no matter when, where or how you celebrate the season.

It's Snowing

Warmest Wishes

Joy & Peace

And don’t forget, although our cards come with pre-written greeting options, you can always personalize your cards by writing your own greeting and including a photo.

If your membership is almost up for renewal, why not renew your membership today and take advantage of our limited time special when you sign up for two years - two whole years of sending our wonderful ecards to your friends and family plus we throw in a free gift membership. Our membership fee is still only $12 for one year or $18 for two years.

2 New Christmas eCards Reindeers and Snow

With the festive season drawing near, we have started adding the first of many new and exciting holiday cards to our site. After many, many months of working on our holiday line up, personally I am always very excited by the time we get this far.

Announcing Two New Cards

Warmest Wishes

It gets hot and steamy really fast when two reindeers decide to share a cup of hot cocoa. It is a great neat and modern card that will be sure to please just about anyone.

It's Snowing

Ever since I was a child, one of the best feelings I know is being safely tucked in a warm house, watching the snow gently falling outside, candles lit, preferably after tossing some snow around and getting red cheeks first. It's a really lovely traditional holiday card perfect for just about anyone.

These two new ecards are just two of hundreds of cards in our collection. So don't forget to check out our many other wonderful holiday ecards.

Why not renew your membership today and take advantage of our limited time special when you sign up for two years - two whole years of sending our wonderful ecards to your friends and family plus we throw in a free gift membership for a friend or a family member. Our membership fee is still only $12 for one year or $18 for two years.

Finally, remember that you can write and schedule cards now for sending at a specified future date - a great way to get your holiday cards off in good time. So preparing for the holidays is a breeze, right from the comfort of your home.

Ojolie Corporate eCards

We are happy to announce that our cards are now available for customization for corporate use and charities. So if you work for a company or know someone that is still looking for a great corporate holiday ecard to send to clients, colleagues, friends and family, contact us to discuss our custom option.

Announcing our new corporate ecards

While we have been designing custom ecards for our corporate clients for the past many years, this is the first year that we have designed a range of cards specific for corporate use. These cards are perfect for semi-customization, a fast and low cost option now that there is only a short time window until Christmas and New Year. Visit our site to select one of our beautiful artistic ecards which can quickly be personalized with your logo and personal message. If you would like semi-customization, our usual turnaround is between 5-14 days - rush service is also available. So this year, don't delay in getting your card designed and sent to everyone on your list. Contact us now to discuss your company's specific needs and a quote.

There is nothing like creating something that makes someone smile. That's why your ecard will be hand customized according to your needs. The process is easy and fast, will save you money compared to the cost of sending paper cards, show your good side by being environmentally friendly and are brilliantly viral. Best of all, all your card recipients will think how special they are with such a delightful card.

Click the thumbnails below to see a preview of some of our other corporate holiday ecards. For a full selection of our ecards, visit our site.

Corporate eCards

Happy Thanksgiving and New eCards

As the holiday season is fast approaching, we have a bunch of new and exciting cards that are being added to the site in the coming weeks. We want to thank you for your continued support, constructive criticism, compliments and cheer.

This year we have added three new ecards for the Fall/Autumn and Thanksgiving to the site.


You can never have too many pumpkins for Thanksgiving, but the problem of course is how to haul them all home from the pumpkin patch. In "Pumpkins Galore" the kids help out and get problem solved. My two sons modeled for the animated characters and had a good time pretending to act it out. They are terribly proud to be featured in one of the cards :)

The other two cards are short and simple cards perfect for sending anytime and to just about anyone this time of year. These short and simple cards have been incredibly popular, as members tell me they often just need a card to send a quick note of "thanks" or "thinking of you".

Announcing Our New Website

We are happy to announce that we have launched our new website, which Tim and I have been hard at work on in the past many months. We hope you will find it easy to use and enjoy the larger graphics and font, which should make it easier on the eyes.

The biggest change for existing members is probably that the member tools such as card history and cards pending has been moved to the "MY ACCOUNT" menu item in the main top menu. After signing in you will have access to all the same tools from that menu item.

It has been more than six years since we launched our first site, so it really was time for a new and improved site. Most importantly we have listened to your feedback in making improvements. Personally I always find it upsetting when my favorite shop has changed the location of everything in the store, so I tried to keep this in mind and not change things too drastically.

So far it has been a smooth transition to the new site as most users seem to have no problems using it. But in the unlikely event that you do have any technical problems using the site, please let us know, so we can get it fixed as soon as possible.

Time for Thanksgiving ecards

Now that Halloween is over, and the first snow storm has passed the east coast shores, it’s time to plan for Thanksgiving.

While Thanksgiving is associated with being thankful for generations past where Native American Indians worked together with the Pilgrims to share in a bountiful harvest, giving thanks and sharing blessings, the same type of “giving thanks” tradition continues even today. And with the evolution of technology and computers, even smart phones, this giving of thanks can be expressed by sending Thanksgiving e-cards or text messages to friends and family members.

Ecards today are available with beautiful full color graphics, animations and music. And they are offered via ecard subscription sites. In a nutshell, you pay one low price for a year’s worth of ecards for all occasions. Simply click the ecard you’d like to email, add your personalized message and an optional photo for some designs, and click to send it to the email of your friends or loved one. It’s that simple. And it’s safe, as recipients receive email notices and click a link to view the card or go to the site directly and enter a code to pick up the card.

Here are some of the Ojolie Thanksgiving ecards.

Frightfully Funny Halloween eCard from Ojolie

The newest addition to our collection of artistic animated ecards is a frightfully funny card for Halloween that is also sure to please the eye titled "Scared Witless". The carved pumpkins on the porch stairs take on a life of their own ...

Scared Witless

When I first moved to the US, Halloween was a bit of a culture shock to me. By now of course Halloween celebrations have become a much more international phenomenon - what is not to love about a holiday that gives adults and children alike license to have a scary fun time? Our annual Halloween card is also a license to do something a bit different from what we do the rest of the year. This year we had a lot of fun with it, all while sticking to our usual attention to detail and fine artistic execution.

Here are our Halloween eCards.

Enjoy and have a great Halloween!

Autumn eCard from Ojolie

We have added a new short and simple card that is great for sending a quick message for just about any occasion during Fall/Autumn.


The newest Halloween card will be added to the site shortly and we will of course let you know when it is up.

Halloween eCards

2 New General eCards

Before delving into pumpkins and fall greetings, we wanted to share our latest two ecards with you, both suitable for almost any occasion.

"View from a Room" is another short and simple card created in a scrapbook inspired format that allows you to include a photo. So if you have a favorite snap from a recent trip or your summer, this would be a nice way to share it with friends and family.

View from a Room

View from a Room (with a photo)

"Laundry Warriors" features three little kittens that end up utterly exhausted on laundry day. It is an upbeat and happy card, great for birthdays and sending pretty much anytime.

Laundry Warriors

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Google Chrome and Mozilla Firebox do not show this warning because the advertisement is not displayed for some reason.

New Summer and Beach eCards

Although summertime is a slow time for sending cards, we usually use this time to get serious creating cards with snow, glitter, Christmas trees and the joys of the fall and winter holiday seasons. Our latest two cards were therefore a pleasant deviation, bursting with late summer energy and cheer. These cards are the first in a series of cards we will be adding that are short and to the point for casual everyday greetings.

"Summer Painting" is about one of my favorite past times during summer - finding a nice spot in the shade of a tree in the garden with a cup of tea and painting the blooms of the season.

Summer Painting

"Shells" is inspired by treasure from the ocean and has a scrapbook feel to it.


Both cards are suitable for almost any occasion. They also allow you to include a photo and are free to send.


July 4th Independence Day eCard - Cool Eagles

When we were planning out newest card "Cool Eagles" for US Independence Day celebrations, Sousa's "Washington Post" got us all tapping our foot and doing a little unconscious dance in our head. The same seems to have happened to the Great Bald Eagles in the card and the festive spirit is quite simply infectious.

Cool Eagles

Here are some of our other Independence Day ecards.

We are also excited to announce that we have just launched our Ojolie eCards Facebook App. This will make it easy for you to send our cards on Facebook directly. It is a BETA version, so please help us by giving it a try and do let us know if you encounter any problems or issues!

Father Day eCard - Lazy Days of Summer

For all our members around the world who celebrate Father's Day this Sunday, June 19, we have added a new card to the site. As the name "Lazy Days of Summer" implies, it is all about kicking back and relaxing as the mercury soars. Ideally in the clear blue water of a pool with a cool drink in your hand :) Needless to say, this card can be used for many other occasions during summer and holidays.

Lazy Days of Summer

We have a variety of Father's Day eCards, which might be of interest as well. Here are a just a few to get you started.

Hope you stay cool & have a relaxing Father's Day!

eCards for Many Occasions: Birthday, Father Day

We have added two new ecards to our site that can be sent for a variety of occasions.

Special Delivery is a clean, modern card for just about anyone and just about any occasion. We often get requests for more cards for men, and I think you will find this one fits the bill with a vintage motorcycle and a cool sidekick. It is the first of the cards we have made this year with Father's Day in mind, but there is more to come before June 19th.

Special Delivery

Birthday Dance is another humorous production featuring our adorable rats delivering a greeting with much fanfare. Great for birthdays or anytime you want to put a smile on someone's face.

Birthday Dance

Happy Mother Day eCard

For Mother's Day we have added a new ecard. You are invited into a "Secret Garden" - also the title of the card - where flowers bloom all year long and breakfast is served in bed.

Secret Garden

My initial inspiration for this card where the Dutch flower painters of the 17th century and their vibrant depictions of extravagant floral arrangements. But the feel is very much contemporary and my emphasis was on creating a relaxing, early morning mood where rays of sunshine makes everything look beautiful.

Send this virtual treat for Mother's Day, birthdays and many other occasions.

Here are our other mother's day ecards.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

Easter Surprise eCard

We have added a new card for Easter (Sunday April 24th) called "Easter Surprise". It features a playful puppy on an Easter Egg hunt who gets more than what he bargained for.

Easter Surprise

This Friday, the 22nd of April is also the global observance of Earth Day. Earlier this week we added a new card called "The Spring" which was created with Earth Day in mind, but is also suitable for many other occasions. The card is free for all to send.

The Spring

Here are our other Easter ecards.

Happy Easter!

2011 Earth Day eCard

Our newest card combines fantasy with storytelling for something a little above and beyond what we usually do for one card. The inspiration for this year's Earth Day card was seeing the desert spring to life with flowers after it rained for the first time in over a decade year's ago when my family lived in Chile.

The Spring

The life sustaining power of water will be a hot issue in the years to come as the world struggles to adapt to a changing environment all over the world. No wonder then that Earth Day, April 22, has become an international movement. Our small contribution is to offer this new card for Earth Day free of charge for all to send.

We will be adding our new card for Easter to the site shortly. In the meantime we hope you find creative ways to contribute to the global Earth Day celebrations on Friday.

Here are our other free ecards.

A Greener World eCard for St. Patrick Day

We have released a new upbeat and festive card for St. Patrick's Day, celebrating the global nature of the holiday. On St. Paddy's Day the whole world is literally green!

A Greener World

Here are our other Saint Patrick's Day ecards.

We have a lot of other cards in the works that we will be releasing shortly, including cards for birthdays, Easter and Earth Day.

In the meantime we wish you all a festive and very happy St. Patrick's Day!

Spring and Valentine e-Cards

Valentine's Day is just a few days away and we recently added two new cards to the site. Both are great for sending to just about anyone on Valentine's Day, as well as anytime in general.

"Fortune Cookie" features an encore of the extremely popular rats that made their debut in our Christmas card a few months ago. This time they are whipping up some fun in the kitchen, making fortune cookies so you can include your very own fortune cookie message!

Fortune Cookie

Growing up we used to look forward to the first little snowdrops announcing that spring was finally closer; we would pick them, dry them in a book and when Valentine's Day came around we would include them in traditional delicate paper cut greetings for friends and classmates. "Messengers of Spring" takes this tradition and brings it to you as an ecard - so now you don't have to wait for the snowdrops to appear or fiddle with delicate paper cuts, unless of course this card inspires you to!

Messengers of Spring

Here are our other Valentine ecards.