Artful ecards can tell your cherished story

When it comes to buying cards for birthdays and anniversaries and holidays, many of us take a trip to Hallmark and look for the cards that make us laugh or tear up or which remind us of the loved one we're thinking of. But such trips can be costly, and oftentimes the cards we find are generic and don't relay the depth of our sentiments.

Ecards offer several quirks that paper cards usually do not. They can be animated, set to music, or tell a complex story. With ecards, there is a lot of freedom to operate and many ways to cater to the message we wish to send the people in our lives.

While humor is one of life's best gifts, a greeting card should mean more than a cheap laugh. Ojolie eCards' aims to display a unique craftsmanship. Each animated card is handpainted. An individual card's animated scene concludes with a personalized greeting a message.

So why choose an ecard? Simply put, eCards combine the best of the fine arts and technology. It is an excellent medium for storytellers in particular. With Ojolie, you can select an eCard which is catered to the person rather than the occasion; a particular card could be used for a birthday, an anniversary, or just to tell someone you are thinking of them.

Ecards are the technology-driven generation's way of spreading holiday cheer. Don't miss out on a variety of greeting card options by getting your cards exclusively from brick-and-mortar stores. Look at one of the number of beautiful animated eCards there are available, and send it to the first person who comes to mind when you watch.

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