2016 is around the corner!

The joy of creating 

Is it that time already? Time seems to be flying by and before you blink the New Year is upon us.
This usually means reflecting on the year that was and setting your intentions for the year ahead.

The pressure is on to devise your New Year resolutions; lose weight, exercise more, spend less, save more, work less, work more, give up smoking, coffee, sugar etc.

However I wanted to propose a different idea from the common traditional clich├ęs with this new ecard.  A resolution about committing to the idea of getting more out of life. By this I mean giving yourself permission to take the time to do whatever it is you enjoy. 
This is not always so easy in today's world, where we live in a landscape that forces us to stay busy, future-oriented and stressed. Sometimes we just need to build in more moments to breathe. Take in the present and become mindful of the simple pleasures that we are in contact with every day if we allow ourselves to become more conscious of them. 

When we created this business 10 years ago, our intention was generate an income and lifestyle that would allow us to spend more quality time together as a family, focus less on material things, and allow us the freedom to invent whilst enjoying the process along the way.
Hence, the creation of Ode to Life ecard.
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More hugs, naps, road trips, fun and moments of joy, love and celebration. More laughter, dreaming, creating and sipping on hot cocoa. 
Taking the time to view more sunsets, smell the scents of fresh flowers, breathe in the zest of life! 

Life is for living.  
We are working so we can live, not living just to work.
Every moment is a gift!

2016 is the year for dancing!

This card is a compilation of the various animation styles of our favourite designs. Each vignette is intended to make you smile.

These are some of our resolutions for the coming year.
What are yours? What will bring more enjoyment into your life?

There is no better time than the present to set your intentions to invite more bliss into your world and enhance your well-being with the choices conscious you make. 

Come join with us in the commitment to make the most of your daily life by building in more momentary simple pleasures. 

Taking time out just for you

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